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MMTA-Minnesota Music Teachers Association

Megan Gilles is a member of the Minnesota Music Teachers Association.  The mission of the Minnesota Music Teachers Association is to advance the profession of music teaching through education, certification, networking, and advocacy. 

Megan is proud to offer MMTA programs in her studio.  Be sure to read about all of these MMTA programs. 

If you are interested in participating in one of these programs and Megan has not talked with you about this, please let her know of your interest.  In the short time we have together each week, it is difficult to cover everything. 

Registration for programs is due approximately six weeks before a program.  Costs vary per event
.  Current year dates for MMTA events are published on the website calendar. 

MMTA Challenge Award

Students earn points for participation in a wide variety of MMTA programs. 

300 points earns a ribbon

700 points a bronze star

1200 points a silver star

1800 points a gold star

2500 points a trophy

3500 Points Raised Bronze Star

4500 Points Raised Silver Star

6000 Points Grand Challenge Award Trophy

8500 Points Raised Gold Star

10,000 Points Ultimate Challenge Award Trophy


The first level of awards are displayed in the studio.  The first and second level of awards are shown on posters in the studio.  Check them out!  Megan will be keeping track of points earned by students.  Awards will be presented to students in the spring of each year. 

100 points are earned by participating in:

State Piano Contest Preliminaries

State Piano Finals

Honors Concert

Piano Festival

Voice and Instrumental Festival

Vocal/Instrumental Contest 

Voice/Instrumental Performance Solo Festival

String Recitals

MMTA Convention Master Classes

MMTA Convention Cabaret

Student Composition Contest

Keyboard Skills Exam

Sightplaying Exam

Theory Exam

Ensemble Festival (100 points per student, per registered ensemble, up to 200 points per student, per year.)

MusicLink Play-a-thon


200 points are earned by participating in:

Music Bridges

Young Artist Contest/Young Artist Contest Call Backs


300 points are earned by participating in:

Flute, Guitar, Organ, String and Voice Exams

Comprehensive Piano Exam


Sightplaying exam

Seven levels of curriculum develop proficiency in scales, chords, and arpeggios. 

Comprehensive piano syllabus exam

Twelve levels of curriculum develop a student's proficiency and musicianship through keyboard skills, sightplaying and repertoire. 

Theory Exam

Eight levels of curriculum develop proficiency and understanding of music theory at the keyboard through notation, ear training, analysis, transposition, and harmonization.  Three different sections to the test-Written section (no keyboard present-student is able to draw out a keyboard), Keyboard section (judge is present and student does various keyboard exercises, and Listening section (CD is played, allows for consistency across every testing location in the state, and student completes listening questions).  Workbook is used to prepare and there is a practice exam in the workbook so the student can prepare for what the actual exam will be like.  


Ensemble festival

Held in the Fall at locations throughout the state, MMTA Ensemble Festivals are open to students performing on all combinations of instruments.  

Students pair with other students, teachers, or parents to form duos, trios, quartets, or other small ensembles.  They then perform as part of a festival recital.  A judge writes a critique; but students are not graded or ranked, thus offering a casual, fun environment for students who wish to practice their performance skills.  Critiques are sent to teachers the week following the festival.

There is no set repertoire for the Ensemble Festival.  Teachers work with their students to select repertoire that is of interest them and to their ensemble. Share your creativity with everyone!


Music Bridges

Music Bridges offers teachers the freedom and flexibility to design a program to fit each individual student, at any age, and at any level of ability.  In addition to repertoire performance, a student's program may include an original composition, dance, drama, or visual art.  

State Piano Contest-Preliminaries/Finals and Honors Concert

To encourage high performance standards, MMTA sponsors State Piano Contest Preliminaries in each district throughout the sate in late January/early February, and State Piano Contest Finals in March of each year.  Pianists with the highest scores in the State Piano Contest Finals are selected to perform in ensembles at the Honors Concert.  This concert has grown into a gala event involving 700 young performers on 20 grand pianos.

State Piano Festival

To encourage performance for all ages by using the State Contest repertoire, MMTA sponsors an annual State Piano Solo Festival. Students who cannot or do not wish to compete in Piano Contest may perform for written comments from a judge. Festival participants are not eligible for Finals, or the Honors Concert. There is no age or category requirement or restriction and there is no theory requirement for Piano Solo Festival.